A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Your clone is hiding among the crowd with a knife in his hand. You've got a gun with one bullet. Can you identify your clone before it gets you?


  • 9 different enemy behaviors that drastically change the game
  • Randomly generated map
  • Really tense atmosphere
  • Mutator system that makes the game more difficult as you progress
  • Highscore system



Follow the game for future updates!


DoubleMe Windows.zip 26 MB
DoubleMe Mac.zip 29 MB

Development log


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android version pls


Hey mr waldorado guy is this game available for android the games concept is pretty easy so i thought it was pls make it available i really love the concept i wanna bring this game in my pocket so if im bored  i can play it anytime anywhere plss consider it thx

nice love the game keep it up here's link to my vid 


Pour les Francophones !

hey.. superb game.. DM me on Instagram I want to make this game in 3D multiplayer if you don't have any problem can I use this concept??

Any updates soon?

Go ahead and play it. It probably will be a while until the next update.

Simplistic, skiIl based, and exciting! I highly reccomend this game and I am exited for it's future. 10/10

Love this game and will love to get to the end. I feel like it has a lot of secrets that need to be discovered!

We had a great time with this (and some stress XD ).



Thanks for playing! Remember to check the eyes before you shoot next time you see yourself on the streets!

Any updates soon?

I really see a big future for this game. REALLY awesome. Hope there will be a way to customize the rounds for like a custom game mode.


Greetings from Germany ^^

I Really enjoyed playing this game please check out my video

Though I didn't get far it was still enjoyable. I think it would be more exciting with a PVP function.

Any updates soon?

Great concept, well executed. Audio adds a lot to the tension as well as the constant movement from the npcs. Only issue I have is that your clone can spawn right next to you when the round starts. Adjust that to have a minimum distance from the player. Besides that I am really enjoying this, hope you continue to develop it and other games!

Thanks! I thought i fixed that bug but it just keeps coming. I'll take a look at it again

This game was so much fun, I enjoyed myself so much. Thank you for making the game. I liked it so much I had my girlfriend try it when I was done play.

I only died as much as I did because of my own idiocy lol.

This game is so awesome! It has an amazing atmosphere that makes you so paranoid and it is so addicting you just want to keep playing it more and more. I made a video of it, hope you enjoy :)

This is just like guess who except if you dont find them quickly you will be the one to be hunted! An interesting game its simplistic yet captivating, the only problem is on one description where it shows brown hair in the hud but the person has black hair.


Deleted post

Is the game FINISHED? That's imperative for me to know whether new updates add ALOT to the game or are they just minor bug fixes and polishing?

1.1 Update doesn't add much new content to the game. If you don't mind the bugs you can skip that one. But next update will be different

Wow - Really well crafted with lots of suspense! - Loved it!


I'm glad you liked it! Thanks!

This was really fun, some of the mutators can really make it challenging.  And there is tons of replay-ability, fantastic job.

This is the third game in the video - 5:19

Made a video and had a lot of fun doing it. 


I'm glad you had fun! I had fun watching your video too!


Made a video


This game had a pretty interesting concept, I just had to get down on some gameplay of it!


This was really fun to watch! The intro was awesome. I half-expected your clone to draw a knife on you:D I hope you've shot him though


This was a fun game! I really enjoyed hunting my clone!


SKIP TO 14:39!!!


il like the style of the gameplay


This game is so much fun! Lots of replay value! I really enjoyed this! Here's my playthrough:


I watched your video and really had fun. Plus I've gained 1000 years of good luck. Win-win :D (Stealth means your target didn't noticed you or was trying to attack you)


Had great fun with this!


Thanks for the video! I'm glad you liked it


Will you update this game? He is very good

I'm currently working on the version 1.1


Very cool game!  I liked the idea behind this.  


Really fun game. It's quite tense with all the characters running around.

Thank you for the video!


I just love what you did with the game. Super fun for sure! Easy to pick up and play yet hard to master. I made a video about it if you want to check it out.

Thank you for playing!


I had of fun playing this game 100/100

You were really cautious :D Thanks for the video! 


Hey, put your game in an indie romp. nice little project you've got here. I really enjoyed it. Hope you like my video, yours is the first one

(1 edit)

I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's really nice that you're making an indie series. You can check out my other games and play it if any interests you


I'll have to give them a look :D

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