Working on sequel of DoubleMe!

Hello everyone! 

How you've been for the past 2 years? It's been a hell of a pandemic right? I've been working on different games since that time and I think I've improved myself a lot. Anyway,

I want to announce that I'm working on a sequel/remake of DoubleMe.

The core idea will be the same: Kill your clone before they kill you. And it will be even more tense.

Since this is my final year at the uni, they wanted a graduation project from me. This game stuck in my head over the years and I've always wanted to improve it. I chose this game for the project and my advisors agreed with me. So here we go!

I don't have much to show since I'm still at early production. I started from the concept phase and what went wrong and what went right. I'm still solidifying the new concept but here are my main goals for the sequel:

  • Better graphics with realistic dynamic lighting and stylized pixel art
  • Multiplayer!  (It's a must since a lot of you guys asked for this)
  • New Emergent Game Systems like doors, light switches, long bushes, traps, dynamic weather, time of day, etc. 
  • Clones will be smarter and they'll have more personality!
  • Randomized Multiple Maps
  • Even more tense atmosphere
  • Singleplayer Story and deep world-building
  • Secrets?

Any suggestions? Anything you didn't like about the current version? Any new ideas or suggestions for the name? Post it in the comments and help me bring this game to life!

I will be posting the progress here and on Twitter so if you want to follow the development, follow me on Twitter or this page.

Btw thanks a lot who donating actual money for this free game. You rock!

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I'm so happy you continue this game ! It's such a simple game, but the uncanny atmosphere stuck with me since the day I downloaded it ! I would love to see a hallucination where all the NPCs look like your clone like in the first game, but where it also changes the map, maybe revealing lore ?

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the atmosphere which I value the most in my games. Like you, I like that hallucination thing in the first game so I'll definitely work on it more!