You’re stuck in an old dungeon crawler game that is being deleted 

Every 10 seconds game deletes a bunch of game elements.  You've got 10 minutes before the operation completes. Will you be able to stop the operation or deteriorate along with the world?


  • Old-school dungeon crawler/FPS gameplay
  • Talk to other NPCs while the game slowly deteriorates
  • 4 different endings
  • 4 different levels with classic RPG environmental themes


  • WASD move
  • Mouse Look
  • E Interact
  •  Hold ESC to quit

I originally wanted to join the Compo category but couldn't make it. . So everything here is made from scratch. Made for Ludum Dare 51 in 3 days. I'll work on a post-jam update to add custom sounds and music!

The post-jam version adds sound FX and music to the game and also new NPCs to talk to at the last level!


The Forgotten Crawler 1.1.0 29 MB
The Forgotten Crawler 1.1.0 39 MB
The Forgotten Crawler 1.1.0 48 MB
Forgotten Crawler 1.0.1 Windows (Jam Version).zip 30 MB

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