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Tenis runner is about running arround blocks. When you enter this maze your worst nightmare becomes true.Someone playing tetris with you. But their target is you! You need to escape this place as quick as you can!

Game's enviroment is randomly generating while playing. Your target is the escape these blocks . But you will run across through dangerous block dungeons. I'm developed this game for Indies VS gamers jam. The jam is over.Tetris Runner final ranking is #36 out of 376 games.

There is a gamejolt login system but you dont have to login.

I'm currently making a whole new version of Tetris Runner. Click here for more details!


  • Incredible perspective!
  • Random generated enviroment!
  • Very fast paced and challenging gameplay!
  • Leaderboards system!
  • Epic 4 musics!
  • Pacman!



A or Left Arrow : Turn left

D or Right Arrow : Turn Right

Space : Jump


Up and Down Arrow : select an menu option

Enter : Use the selected option

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Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagsArcade, Endless Runner, FPS, Parkour, Perspective, Procedural Generation, Runner, Tetris, tetris-runner
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksHomepage, Twitter


Tetris Runner 1.3.rar 24 MB

Install instructions

1- Download the file

2- Extract the files to a folder

3- Click "Tetris Runner 1.3" and press "Play!"

4- Press Enter and enter your username and token then press Continue ( If you don't have an account on gamejolt press Enter as Guest)

5- Press Enter to start the game

6- Have Fun!


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movements arent accurate enough for a game where you need to make accurate movements.

mine wont work



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Grizz is right

YOURE  ratingings are so rude