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Samurai Survivors is a rogue-like shoot 'em up Vampire-survivors like game. Slay evil spirits as you age and learn techniques to become the most powerful samurai.

You've betrayed your clan and you've been cursed to battle evil spirits as long as you breathe. You will continue to age until you pay your price while improving your swordsmanship more and more


  • 15 minutes of intense slicing & slashing survival
  • 11 unique attacks with incredible synergies
  • 5 different types of enemies that brings various challenges
  • Continue playing the game after you beat the time with increasing Ascension Levels
  • Local High Score System
  • Lots and lots of juice!

Development log


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This looks awesome! Huge fan of Vampire Survivors and it's cool to see this new take on the genre.

...But get back to work on Double Me!! My hype for the update has carried me for far too long

(1 edit) (+1)

Hahaha :D Okay okay I'll get back to it... Just took a quick detour that's all :D

I actually somewhat regularly post new DoubleMe WIP gifs on twitter and gamejolt. Maybe I should post more on itch