New Post-Jam Update! (1.1.0) ( Tutorial, Challenges And More! )

Hello everyone! We made huge progress. We know in the current version, the game doesn’t explain that much about the objectives and goals. So naturally, a lot of you guys didn’t really understand what to do. We had limited time to finish the game and release it because of the natures of jams. After the jam, we had plenty time finish and improve the game.

New Systems:

  • An AI Helper ( Helps you understand whats going on and giving advice about your current situation )
  • Tutorial ( Explains almost every tool you can use at the start of the game )
  • Journal ( Shows you what to do when pressed J )
  • Cool Looking Main Menu ( with quality options so you can reduce or improve the graphics more )
  • Challenges ( 2 challenges for now: No Death and No Signal )

Important Changes:

  • Game environment improved a lot. Now there are mountains and advertisements about lore
  • Radar Station mission changed. Now you have to find %100 signal in order to unlock the station and you don’t have to click it ( was 125 without a unit )
  • Monster AI improved and now it moves counter-clockwise
  • Now the monster is scarier with tense violin sounds.
  • Now maps show you where you are and the footer text changed from "Click to send signal" to "Click to attract the monster"
  • The game is now more optimized. Especially sound processing was consuming a lot of the CPU and ram.
  • Helper AI tells you what your objective is in order to unlock a station.
  • Now when you unlock a station, a huge text appears on your screen with a success sound
  • Now you have more than 1 health at the final boss. ( If you didn’t spend your lives before )
  • Final boss AI has changed. Now it’s actively trying to find you
  • Now you don’t have to press a switch to open the gate. The gate opens when you unlocked all the stations
  • Game size reduced from 450mb to 140mb ( Compressed size: 100MB to 50MB )

Improvements, Minor Changes, And Bug Fixes:

  • Final boss animations improved
  • Bridge walk sound added
  • Computer’s fictionally OS name has changed from "Omegla" to "Xnet"
  • First character’s name typo fixed
  • A bug that makes the monster’s tail appear shorter has fixed
  • A bug that makes the monster blind while traveling to a signal has fixed
  • A new music which plays at the final boss music added
  • Cryosleep open sound volumes reduced a lot
  • Power grid sound reduced a lot
  • Road texture changed. Now it’s a lot easier to notice it
  • Now you can’t fall at the bridge
  • One of the text logs changed completely

A lot of bug fixes were made that isn’t mentioned in this dev log. If you didn’t understand what to do in the game or if you’re looking for more content please give this game another chance. The game map almost completely changed and I’m sure you’ll notice the things you didn’t notice in jam version. You can try challenges and I assure you, it’s hard. Thanks to everyone who played the game! It means a lot to us!

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