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Outer Space is a Sci-Fi, Realistic, First Person, Space Ship Survival game. Earth is polluted by humanity and you must find a habitable planet.You're carrying lots of fertilized zygotes on freezed state. You are alone with your helper AI. You must use your supplies carefully. The game is in very early alpha. Many features will be added to the game.(Like Cooking,space walk etc.). Follow us for get the lastest news!

First of all sorry for my bad english :(


About Story

Time is unknown.In game you are an astronaut in a mission to find a habitable planet. You're controlling one of the thousands ship. Earth is polluted by humanity. You're carrying lots of fertilized zygotes on freezed state. Once you find a habitable planet, you'll save the humanity from extinction. You're alone with your helper ai in huge emptiness.

About Core Play

Our slow thrusters is so slow considering the scale of the galaxy. But with enough time you can reach your targed destination. A human lifetime is not enough to reach that target. Because of that you're putting your self to cryosleep everytime you begin a journey. But the journey is not that easy. You'll encounter failures with parts of the ship, Asteroid belts, ship wrecks and a lot more. Computer will wake you up when a event happens. In most of the missions you need to do spacewalk. While you're in cryosleep earth will age and story of humanity will continue. You'll also be affected with humanity's story ;)


Planned Futures

  • There will be more stats in future. Health system will be extraordinary. For example when you get a bad impact on your head. You can get a internal bleeding. It'll effect your vision, movements etc. You can also get permanent injury. It will be detailed but it will be realistic and fun
  • Ship will have a fuel system. Acording to science you don't have to use your thrusters all the time. Once you get to a speed, your speed will stay constant if you don't touch with anything. You just need fuel for accelerating or slowing down.Thats what I'm aiming for. You'll start with some real fuel but it won't last long. But don't worry! You can burn anything into fuel with special oven. But I can't guarantee it will be better fuel than original.
  • In some missions you can't enter the cryosleep to pass time. For alternatives that there will be a game boy with cool minigames.It will be fun I think :)
  • Time will pass on earth so humanity keeps growing. I don't want to spoil anything but there is a chance to humans find a alien species or get slaughtered by evil AI. Humanity's story will be randomized every time. You'll get news about humanity at your personal computer. And yes there is a chance that you might get a dangerous virus or spacefight with aliens.
  • You can't make a spaceship game without computers right? You'll be able to control every detail of your spaceship but interface will not be complicated.
  • Every room will have a temperature and pressure system.If a room's pressure will too low or too high a part of the room could explode violently. I even made shreded wall textures. Room temperature will effect your health system. For example while passing through a star room tempeture will rise and you'll start sweating.
  • There is a lot that i think about but it's not planned for now.

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