This game made during Ludum Dare 38 in 48 hours. For better performance you can download the windows version.(9.96 mb) Don't forget to rate!


Far far away, in a world, an advanced race has found that they're not the only universe exists. They learned to create portals between them but at the same time a terrible accident happened, an explosion which will destroy all parallel universes! This was the ultimate apocalypse of the Spiky Cube Race. There is only one survivor. Legends says it is still trying to escape from explosion... ( Yes it's silly but what did you expect exactly? I can only draw rectangles)


  • 20 different worlds
  • Fast paced gameplay
  • Easy controls
  • Medium quality music and sounds (*cough* 48 hours)
  • Lots of easter eggs


  • Press an interact key (Enter, Space, CTRL or Mouse Left Click) to jump,
  • Don't fall,
  • Don't touch the explosion behind you,
  • Always Run
  • Rate 5


Made by wolderado. Follow me @Wolderado

I might upgrade the game if there is enough demand. And I'm thinking about making an android build


Windows (.rar) 9 MB
Mac 15 MB
Linux 17 MB
Source Files 51 MB


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