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A short fun multiplayer game about the western showdown. You also try out the game with bots!

Jam version is somewhat buggy. I'm working on it!

Tools I’ve used

  • Unity
  • Photon Pun 2 Networking
  • Photoshop
  • Audacity

How to Play

  • Join or create a room by writing something to the roomID and pressing joining
  • Then you can add bots or wait for other players to join. Press start when you’re ready
  • The game has two stages.

    Aim Stage:

  • You can click on other players to aim. The closer you get to the center more your chances increase to aim for a killing shot. Kinda like a dartboard. But don’t wait for the middle! If you miss the most red inner circle, you miss your shot. So like dartboard but cut out the middle. Your aims are saved for the next stage. Once the clock hits 12 (In about 10 seconds or so), Shoot Stage begins

    Shoot Stage:

  • Every players’ aims start to happen. The order is equivalent to the aim order so if you wait too much in the previous stage, other players can have a chance to kill you before you shoot. You can miss, injure or kill other players. Injure system isn’t affecting the gameplay currently. If there’s more than one player alive, the game goes back to Aim Stage. The game continues until only one player left alive

Changes in v0.1.1:

  • Creating recticle for dead players bug fixed
  • The bug that causes the bot system to interfere with the player's aim, is fixed


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FlickWest Mac v.1.0.zip 50 MB
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