A downloadable game for Windows and Android

A project I've developed for my final project. It's an FPS Tower Defense / RTS game.

Using Gear VR is recommended (Controller is required!)

Download and install the .apk to your mobile phone to play it on vr

You can also play it out on PC. But since the game is designed for VR, your experience might suffer. (Not in terms of bugs, it works well regardless)

How to Play

  • Once you lowered down to the city, check out the arrows above. They indicate where enemies will come from
  • Aim where you want to go and click on the remote's button (Trigger or touchpad) (In pc left click mouse)
  • Look down and also point your remote down. You'll see a selection wheel appear.
    • The middle one is for walking
    • The right one is for building factories
    • The left one is for destroying the city buildings
    • The number in the front shows your resource
    • The timer there shows when the enemy assault will begin
  • You need to build factories to defend against the invaders. Open the selection wheel and point your remote to the right element.
  • You can create two types of factories in this game. Point to the one you want to build. You don't need to click on it
  • Look at the building you want to build the factory to and hold the trigger button until the building is complete.
  • Remember, the longer the building more units it can produce (more tanks or more missiles) at the same cost.
  • That's it! Hold off the invaders until the city is cleared. After you defended the city and teleported to your ship, look to your left to see your reward. Look at the right to see the battle stats

Advanced Tutorial

  • You can set where your tanks will position by looking at the tank factory building while the tank factory menu item selected from the selection wheel. Now, hold the touchpad button (In pc, left mouse click) and point to where you want your units to go and release the button. Now, they'll move there if there's no immediate danger
  • Missiles are more effective against multiple enemies and tanks more effective against tripods or single enemies
  • Mini-units can attack your tanks. Your tank factories can refill the lost tanks but it takes a while. So try protecting your tanks by placing missile factories
  • Destroying your own buildings gives you less than the untouched building reward you gain after the battle. So resist the temptation!
  • Your tanks can't attack if there's no line of sight so sometimes, it is better the destroy short buildings to open up space so your tanks can see

Made by

Salih Unal (Wolderado)

  • Game Design
  • Programming
  • Art

Baris Tolon

  • Game Design
  • Sound Design


CityDefendersFinal.apk 49 MB
City Defenders Windows.zip 35 MB

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