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We students from a game design undergraduate program (BUG Jr). This game was our final project. We just wanted to publish here in case anyone wants to play. We made this game one day before project due date. It is a simple fun game.

About The Game

Game is inspired by old atari game Space Invaders. But instead of just shooting above you need to take care of all enemies coming from everywhere.

There are 4 different enemy types:

  • Yellow Invader : Ordinary enemy with 2 health
  • Blue Invader : Wobbling enemy with 1 health and its faster than others
  • Purple Invader : Spawns yellow invaders every 20 seconds and has 5 health
  • Green Invader : Gives player a powerup if being shot

There are 4 different power ups:

  • Haste : Increases the player firing speed
  • Double Barrel : Makes player to fire 2 bullets instead of 1
  • Smart Bullets : Converts player's ordinary bullets to homing bullets
  • Nuclear : Kills all the invaders


Salih Ünal (Me) ( Programmer )
Ali Eren Yağmur ( Artist )
Feras Zammo ( Artist )

More information

Published Jan 07, 2017
Tags2D, Arcade, Shoot 'Em Up, Space

Install instructions

Extract the folder to somewhere.

Open the Bug Invasion.exe to start


Bug Invasion 1.0.rar 11 MB

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